The Braden Youth is a group for ages 13-18 who meet once a month in the Yolanda Robinson Room at 12:30 or immediately following worship.  Youth Meetups are a place where teens can belong, love and grow in Christ as we address trending issues with a faith-approach. We endeavor to connect with the community through outreach opportunities.


We grow in faith & fellowship with one another through:

  • collective prayer

  • discussions (topics such as:current events, family life, & education)

  • collective projects

  • community  programs & events

  • fellowship with other youth organizations

  • learning the duties of  church leaders

  • fun & enriching activities  (art, music,writing, games,

movies, & trips)


Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday is a day where all the Youth, Young Adults and Children lead the worship service. The

Youth learn the many  aspects of how to conduct a  worship service and the roles of leaders in a

worship service by serving in those roles throughout the day. From ushering to music ministry

delivering the message of the day, our youth are developing gifts and growing in their spiritual walk.

   June 2019   
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