Youth Enrichment Summit (Y.E.S)

Y.E.S. is a one-day program that is designed to build students from the inside out. From growing in wisdom to developing a healthy character, Y.E.S. will present students with real life issues and offer both practical and faith-based responses to address them.

Your students will hear teaching they can relate to. They’ll have opportunities to reflect and engage—as a group and independently— and will have an opportunity to research the Word of God for answers and instructions.

The day is filled with activities and workshops that will enrich the lives of each student in attendance. This experience will help students to interact with other students from different backgrounds and learn how to have a healthy social life without compromising their spiritual foundation.

Y.E.S. is facilitated by members of Braden UMC and the Toledo community that have backgrounds in education, healthcare, law, ministry, art, music, literature and real life experience. They are dedicated to serving  so that the youth may become empowered to serve God and others.


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   May 2019   
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