Wynston Dixon

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Pastor Wynston E. Dixon was born in Liberia, West Africa. He answered the call of God on his life in the sixth grade, through the Holy Ghost teachings of his Bible teacher, Rev. Joel Leroy. After receiving his high school diploma from Ricks Institute (1974), Pastor Dixon graduated with honors in Theology from Cuttington University College in Liberia (1979), where he served as President of the Student Government. During his presidency, he represented the University and his country at an international meeting of student leaders in Tripoli, Libya and Lagos, Nigeria

While at Cuttington University College, Pastor Dixon was appointed by the President of Liberia, The Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert, Jr. to serve on the preparatory committee responsible for hosting all African heads of state for the Organization of African Unity Conference (OAU). He also was a guest of the president on an official state visit to Angola.
A recognized religious scholar and leader in school, church and community, he was first ordained a Deacon by the United Methodist Church Bishop (and Vice President of Liberia) Bennie D. Warner.   Later he served as Assistant Pastor of A.D. Williams United Methodist Church and Associate Pastor of the Harbel Community Church in Firestone, Liberia.
Pastor Dixon came to the United States in 1982 to pursue his graduate studies. Shortly after obtaining the Masters of Divinity degree from Perkins Divinity School at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas (1986), Pastor Dixon was accorded his Elder's Orders by the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church in 1990. He was ordained by Bishop Edsel A. Ammons.
Since that time, he has grown from Associate Minister, under the able tutelage of the Rev. Dr. Fred Heath, Jr. of Gaines United Methodist Church, to Pastor of the Milford-Calvary United Methodist Church of Milford, Ohio, where he served for seven years (1988-1995). He has further served as Pastor of the following churches: Asbury North United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio for five years (1995-2000); Asbury United Methodist Church of Toledo, Ohio (2000-2005); and  in June, 2005 was appointed Pastor of Braden United Methodist Church  in Toledo, Ohio where he is currently serving.
Pastor Dixon is a man with vast experience and educational backgrounds.    Pastor Dixon is a great preacher and teacher of Scripture and believes that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.
He feels blessed to be used by the Almighty God to proclaim His powerful Word.
Pastor Dixon is the proud father of one daughter, Wynlita and grandfather of Ja'Layah.  His parents are Rachel Worrell-Dixon and Nehemiah F. Dixon, Sr. He has four brothers; Harvey, Wallace, Nehemiah and Dave of which he is the youngest and one sister, Tina.
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