In Baptism, we recognize God’s claim on our lives. In Confirmation, students have an opportunity to claim the relationship God freely offers for them.

Confirmation is a class for students sixth grade and older, who are interested in becoming full members of the United Methodist Church. The class focuses on faith development and preparation for adult participation in the congregation through discussion and experiential learning. Toward this end, we will cover basic Christian beliefs such as our United Methodist doctrines and history, baptism, Holy Communion, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and the history of the Christian church. In the end, our hope is that students will be prepared to answer questions concerning their own faith development and readiness for church membership.

Braden’s Confirmation experience for youth is geared toward nurturing their maturation as teens and as growing Christian disciples. An emphasis is placed on preparing the students to “claim the name” Christian. The class is meant to be both informational and transformational through a series of lessons, events, outings and retreats aimed at helping the student make a meaningful profession of faith in Christ.

Each Spring we offer a variety of experiences for those interested in the class: from retreats and visits with other faith traditions to interacting with various people from our own denomination. Each student is assigned a mentor from the congregation who serves as a special congregational friend and sponsor throughout the year.  Confirmation Sunday is usually celebrated on Pentecost (in late May). A church-wide reception honoring the class follows this service.

If you would like more information, please contact Yolanda Durden.


   May 2019   
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